VIIIth International Eurasian
Educational Research Congress ONLINE

07-10 July 2021 | Aksaray University  TURKEY

VIIIth International
Eurasian Educational
Research Congress
Main Theme: Education in the Digital Age: Teaching, Learning, and Research





With its rich educational content, the number participants and the unique achievements contributing to science the VIIIth of EJERCongress was held in Aksaray University with the contributions of Aksaray University and ANI Publishing. Due to the pandemic conditions, once again we held our congress online this year. During the congress, there were 3 separate panels, interviews with 4 invaluable veteran educators, 4 invited speakers from various countries of the world, 4 Keynotes, 9 workshops and a Round Table Meeting held on the Zoom Webinar platform for the first time in Turkey with 14 academicians who are experts in their fields. More than 600 papers were presented at our congress, the theme of which was "Education in the Digital Age: Learning, Teaching and Research".

EJERCongress has become the focus of attention of everyone who does not want to close their eyes to scientific platforms and the requirements of the age. Although it was held under the shadow of the pandemic, it attracted great attention both as participants and as listeners. Over ten thousand listeners and viewers followed it on live broadcast. Thus, EJERCongress has put its prestige and competence one step further in our country. We would like to thank our Congress Chairmans Prof. Dr. Özgül Keleş and Assoc. Dr. Şakir Çınkır, who contributed to this unique experience, our invaluable participants and listeners who showed great interest in our congress and honored us with their inestimable participation in these difficult times.

The IXth of EJERCongress, hosted by Ege University, will be held in Izmir next year. We are looking forward to seeing you in İzmir.


EJERCongress 2021- Online
Honorary Members of Congress
Hamza AYDOĞDU, Aksaray Governor
Prof. Dr. Yusuf ŞAHİN, Aksaray University Rector
Prof. Veysel SÖNMEZ, EJER Founder Editor

Congress Presidents
Prof. Özgül Keleş, Aksaray University Faculty of Education Dean
Assoc. Prof. Şakir ÇINKIR, Ankara University, Turkey 

Heads of Organizing Committee
Prof. Arzu DOĞRU , Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Education, Aksaray University
Prof. Muhammed SARI, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Education, Aksaray University
Faculty of Education, Aksaray University

Congress Network Coordinator
Assoc. Prof. Funda NAYIR

Congress Secretary
Members of the Organizing Committee

    • Prof. Mustafa BAHŞİ
    • Assist. Prof. Onur Emre KOCAÖZ
    • Prof. Mustafa GÜNDÜZ
      Prof. Naim UZUN
      Prof. Rezzan GÜNDOĞDU
      Assoc. Prof. Didem KILIÇ MOCAN
      Assoc.Prof. Funda VARNACI UZUN
      Assoc.Prof. Güray ALYÖRÜK
      Assoc.Prof. Hatice Gözde ERTÜRK KARA
      Assoc. Prof. Mehmet FİDAN
      Assoc.Prof. Melihan ÜNLÜ
      Assoc.Prof. Mustafa KIŞOĞLU
      Assoc.Prof. Perihan GÜNEŞ
      Assoc. Prof. Safiye TEMEL ASLAN
      Assoc.Prof. Savaş KARAGÖZ
      Assoc.Prof. Tahsin YILDIRIM
      Assoc.Prof. Tuncay TÜRKBEN
      Assoc. Prof. Yalçın DİLEKLİ
      Assoc.Prof. Yunus GÜNİNDİ
      Assist. Prof. Ahmet ÇAKIROĞLU
      Assist. Prof. Ayşe KIZILDAĞ
      Assist. Prof. Barış EROĞLU
      Assist. Prof. Burcu YAVUZ TABAK
      Assist. Prof. Ekrem Sedat ŞAHİN
      Assist. Prof. Erdal YILDIRIM
      Assist. Prof. Fatma GÜLTEKİN
      Assist. Prof. Ferhat Kadir PALA
      Assist. Prof. Feride ÖZYILDIRIM GÜMÜŞ
      Assist. Prof. Gülsüm AKYOL
      Assist. Prof. Hasan TABAK
      Assist. Prof. Hülya ERTAŞ KILIÇ
      Assist. Prof. Mustafa YADİGAROĞLU
      Assist. Prof. Mücahit ÖZTÜRK

    • Assist. Prof. Pınar MIHCI TÜRKER
      Assist. Prof. Önder İŞLEK 
      Assist. Prof. Özlem ERYILMAZ MUŞTU
    • Assist. Prof. Ramazan AVCU
    • Assist. Prof. Seher AVCU
      Assist. Prof. Semra KILIÇ KARATAY
    • Assist. Prof. Tuğba KAMALI ARSLANTAŞ
      Assist. Prof. Ünal ŞİMŞEK
      Assist. Prof. Zeynep YADİGAROĞLU
      Dr. Muhammed Emir RÜZGÂR
      Dr. Raziye Nil Aksoy
      Instr. Yaşar MUSAOĞLU
      Res. Dr. Ceylan GÜNDEĞER
      Res. Dr. Gülistan YALÇIN 
      Res. Nurcan TEKİN
      Res. Ayşegül GÖKLEN
      Res. Cahit ŞAHİN
      Res. Ece Nur DEMİR YILMAZ
      Res. Gülşah ÖZ
      Res. Feyza AYDIN
      Res. Hilmi KARACA
      Res. Yasin GÜNLÜ
      Res. Mehmet ÖZKAYA
      Res. Muhammed Emre YAYLACI
      Res. Uğur YILMAZ
      Res. Yaser Emir ELHATİP

Intern Committe
  • Prof. Ali ERSOY, Anadolu University, Eskişehir, Türkiye
    Prof. Andrey A. Kiselnikov, Lomonosov Moscow State University,  Moscow, RUSSIA
  • Prof. Antonio E. Puente,University of North Carolina Wilmington,  Washington, USA
    Prof. Burke Johnson, University of South Alabama, USA
    Prof. Christian Faltis,University of California, Davis, USA
  • Prof. Gery McNamara, Dublin City University, Dublin, IRELAND
  • Prof. James Banks, University of Washington,USA
  • Prof. Jennifer Mahon, University of Nevada, Reno, USA
  • Prof. Joe O'hara, Dublin City University, Dublin,IRELAND
  • Prof. Lynn Burlbaw, University of Texas A&M, USA
  • Prof. Mokter Hossain, University of Alabama, USA
  • Prof. Senel Poyrazli, Penn State University, PA, USA
  • Prof. Stephen Lafer, University of Nevada, Reno, USA
  • Assoc. Prof. Ayse Çiftçi, Purdue University, IN, USA
  • Assist. Prof.Tao Wang,University of Washington, Bothell, USA
  • Assoc. Prof.Laura M. Reid Marks, University of Memphis, USA
  • Dr. Martin Brown, Dublin City University, IRELAND